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Offering reliable and durable high-quality products, Grunwald company is extensively developing through mastering new trends and concluding cooperation contracts with a great number of dealers, both Russian and foreign, as well as with the banks and leasing companies. Cooperation with the latter gives excellent possibilities to the company's customers to purchase semitrailers on lease.

Among different types of special-purpose vehicles, semitrailers are widely required by the transport companies. However, the Russian companies had no opportunity in the past to buy them on lease terms, otherwise the terms were unattractive because of poor quality and high prices of the products. The quality of Grunwald semitrailers, owing to high skills of company's technicians and high quality component parts of foreign manufacturers, is indubitable. Grunwald semitrailers are driven throughout Russia and CIS countries. The popularity of our vehicles is explained not only by high quality of the products, but also by adapting of the semitrailers to the Russian road conditions. Since many companies are currently expanding their geographic coverage, they are extensively dealing with cargo transport, which flawlessness depends on reliability of the special-purpose vehicles, including semitrailers.

To experience this quality is now much more affordable, just by purchasing Grunwald products on lease terms. For many companies, leasing of similar products, special-purpose vehicles and equipment is the only possible way to acquire the high-quality vehicles at minimal expenses and taxes, since such purchase of the vehicles on lease terms reduces tax burden (due to reduction of taxable base). Many transport companies (as well as other enterprises and firms) clearly understand the necessity of reliable vehicles availability in their own vehicle fleet, but they may experience financial difficulties to purchase semitrailers. Therefore the possibility to purchase Grunwald semitrailers on lease terms is an excellent solution for many customers, who have desired such opportunities for quite a time.

Compared to loan, leasing is rather a new service, but it is already well-known for its benefits allowing to save time and money.  Grunwald plant is currently cooperating with several leasing companies, which help choosing optimal vehicles with suitable specifications on favourable leasing terms provided by partner banks of Grunwald. Besides, unlike purchase of semitrailers on credit, leasing of semitrailers implies undertaking by the company of all registration procedures, issue and signing of documents and agreements on its behalf.  Many leasing companies also render services on maintenance of the semitrailers.