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Results of 2020

In 2020, the world was going through an era of sharp changes and a meeting with new challenges to world development. First of all, this is due to the crisis situation that arose at the beginning of the year caused by the pandemic. It has been able to significantly change the economic landscape at the global and regional levels. The transformation of the modern world has become a visible reality.

The Grunwald team took on the impetus of change and enthusiastically changed their usual forms of work for new and more efficient ones. The production cycle of the enterprise was not interrupted even for a day, the company kept the provision of all services in a virtual office mode. Throughout the year, customer relationships have been built in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

This made it possible to achieve noticeable success. The financial result for 2020 exceeded expectations. The Russian market for new semitrailers, under the pressure of restrictions and uncertainty, demonstrated a symbolic growth of 4%. Grunwald has grown at a rate that is significantly faster than the market. Sales of finished products increased by 37%. The company took the absolute first place in the supply of dump semitrailers and became one of the leaders in the segment of container semitrailers. Among all participants in the Russian market, Grunwald entered the top five largest players, while simultaneously entering the top three Russian manufacturers.

In addition, the program for the supply of dumping superstructures and cooperation with the Big European Seven companies of truck manufacturers - Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, SСANIA CV AB, MAN, IVECO - was successfully developed. In September 2020, the Grunwald tipper superstructure project for the MAN TGS 41.440 chassis was awarded the prestigious «Tipper Truck of the Year» award.

In 2020, Grunwald products crossed not only land, but also sea borders on the way to customers. The company supplied products to a wide variety of export markets - the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Baltic region and the countries of the African continent - the Republic of Ghana, West African Benin and Senegal, the Togolese Republic and the Republic of Cape Verde, located on the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2021, Grunwald will continue to develop its core business areas. The company sees the future in the synergy of efforts between manufacturers and customers in a common pursuit of sustainable development. The company's immediate plans are to continue expanding its presence in the Russian market, realizing the export potential of products and investing in new production and technological projects.

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