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Renault K 440P 8x4 with Grunwald superstructures

Grunwald engineers are always focused on creating effective and productive solutions that can give a new impetus to the customer's transport business. The Company strives to be the most competent and friendly to its customers. For this reason, the cooperation and collaboration between the body builder and the chassis supplier becomes deeper and more effective. This makes possible the appearance of more advanced models in terms of quality, such as the new Renault K 440P 8x4 vehicles with Grunwald tipper superstructures. All Grunwald tipper superstructures for Renault K-series chassis have the "Hardox in My Body" brand name on the sides. This ensures that these products are made from HARDOX 450 wear-resistant and impact-resistant steel and are manufactured by a certified member of the SSAB steel group's "Hardox in My Body" program. The useful volume of tipper superstructures is 20 cubic meters. The side walls of the body are single solid parts of complex cross-section with a thickness of 5 mm. The base of the body has a thickness of 8 mm. Superstructures are equipped with a switched-off body heating system with exhaust gases. Structural elements of the heating system are made of stainless steel. For the first time, the Grunwald superstructures are installed on a trucks with a sleeping cabin. The finished vehicle combines the excellent driving qualities of the Renault chassis with the impeccable functionality of the Grunwald superstructure and the comfort of a spacious cab. The first tippers that came off the Grunwald assembly line have already been handed over to customers and are included in the production cycle of delivery of construction materials.

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