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Upgrade of the lightweight container semitrailer for the EU market

At the end of 2019, the Grunwald Company was able to achieve success in a new segment of the
European market. The first contract for the delivery of a light container semitrailer to a customer from
the European Union was executed.
Starting small, Grunwald specialists continued to analyze the requirements of European carriers in order
to build on their success. It was necessary to take a new look at the model of a lightweight container
semitrailer, improve the frame design, review individual components, and take into account the specific
wishes of customers.
As a result of a lot of work by engineers, the first batch of new lightweight low-frame container
semitrailers for transporting 40-Ft High Cube containers was released in November 2020 The new
model's own weight is no more than 3,600 kg. At the same time, the frame structure, made of high-
strength steel, is optimized in such a way as to combine a high payload with maximum strength.
For the first time, the Jost axial unit with disc brakes was used – one of the lightest and most
technologically advanced solutions. The rear axle is equipped with a lifting/lowering mechanism. The
semitrailer is equipped with light aluminum receivers, a rear aluminum bumper from Suer and the latest
Ermax TM11 lighting system. Two types of fitting locks are also supplied by JOST.
Semitrailers of the first batch will work on servicing the container terminal of the port of Klaipeda in
Lithuania. The lightweight container semitrailer fits perfectly into the European intermodal transport
model, where the best optimization of processes is achieved at the expense of lower costs and
maximum payload.

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