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Happy New Year and merry Christmas!

Dear friends and colleagues!

The favorite magical holidays are only a few days away. Please accept our sincere congratulations on the New Year and Christmas!

The paradoxical 2020 goes down in history. Rapidly changing the usual, he pushed everyone on the path of change and transformation. The Grunwald company took over this momentum and emerged as an entirely new organization. In an effort to be a solid support for customers, we built strong partnerships, acquired new customers, and took on interesting tasks. In the distance of one year, new models, awards, certificates and many other events fit.

Throughout the year, Grunwald commercial transport was sent to customers in Africa, Sweden, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan and Belarus. With each passing month, we have established our presence in the Russian market. All this was achieved thanks to the unlimited trust and support from partners and customers.

Thank you for your cooperation in the past year! We wish you good health and continue to pick up speed on the way to your goals, because for this trip you have chosen the most reliable transport. More good news and see you in 2021!

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