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Grunwald plant is located in Kaliningrad region. The production facilities consist of state-of-art equipment of leading European manufacturers, which is being continuously modernized.

The plant structure includes four sections. Downstream every section, the parts and vehicles go through documented inspection of Quality Control Department, that allows to control the quality through the whole semitrailer assembly process. First section is responsible for preparation of steel parts. After shot-blasting process, steel is delivered for cutting and bending. Steel is cut by means of industrial plasma cutter, that ensures high accuracy and prevents thermal distortion.

Second section is designed for welding of frames and tipping bodies. Welding is fulfilled in the argon atmosphere, and most of the welding works are executed by automatic and semiautomatic welding machines. The equipment and consumable materials of Swedish and Finnish production guarantee the highest quality and strength of joint.

Third section is meant for shot-blasting treatment and painting of steel parts. All other steel parts undergo double shot-blasting treatment and are coated by primer before painting. It prevents subsurface corrosion. The parts are painted by means of the industrial-class equipment with high quality acrylic paints. The paint coating quality of Grunwald semitrailers is similar to the painting quality of truck tractor cab of European production.

In fourth section, final assembly and Quality Control Department inspection of semitrailer is fulfilled. Thereafter vehicles are delivered to the parking place in Khimki city of Moscow region.

No semitrailer leaves the plant gates without Grunwald Quality Mark. Foremen of Grunwald plant are trained and certified on a regular basis at the plants of  Langendorf company, one of the oldest semitrailer manufacturers in Europe. One a quarter, Langendorf representatives inspect the Grunwald production facilities and check their compliance with own production standards.