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Volvo FMX 6x6 with a Grunwald superstructure

In 2018, the Grunwald Company introduced the first box-type body superstructure for the Volvo Trucks chassis, designed for a wide range of work in the construction industry.
Based on feedback from a large number of carriers and analysis of their needs in the construction segment, box-type body solutions from Grunwald were continuously improved and their range expanded. Today, by choosing Grunwald as a tipper body supplier, Volvo Trucks customers gain significant advantages in terms of both performance and versatility.
Grunwald engineers present a new product that is designed to make working in extreme conditions easier, safer and more profitable – a four-wheel drive tipper truck on the chassis of the Volvo FMX D13 6x6 with the Grunwald superstructure.
The useful volume of the tipper body is 16 cubic meters. The side walls of the body are solid parts with a complex cross-section. This solution not only improves the processability of production and the product itself, but also extends the life cycle of the superstructure. Fewer welds means fewer potential sources of corrosion. The thickness of the body walls is 5 mm, the base of the body is 8 mm. The body is made of Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel and is marked with the «Hardox In My Body ™» quality mark of the Swedish concern SSAB. The body structure has an integrated shut-off exhaust gas heating system. The details of the exhaust gases are made of stainless steel.

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