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The SSAB management at the Grunwald plant

The Grunwald plant was visited by a delegation of the largest high-strength steel manufacturer – the Swedish concern SSAB.
Both companies have long-term business contacts, Swedish steel is widely used in the Grunwald production, but for the first time the plant was visited by such a representative delegation of partners.
Among the delegates are Sales Director of special steels SSAB EMIA Northern and Eastern Europe Torsten Wagner, Sales Director in the CIS countries, regional sales manager and technical expert in production.
The first item in the program of the two-day visit was inspection of the technological process. SSAB specialists inspected the Grunwald production complex according to the technical audit regulations. Were noted the high level of production and modern equipment. As expected, the standards of welding and quality control of welding operations were of particular interest to the delegates.
The guests were given the opportunity to see the future of the Grunwald brand and see the park of prototypes – chassis of leading European manufacturers. The partners were informed about the plans for further development of the production program of the plant.
The negotiations focused on increasing cooperation, reducing the delivery of materials and reducing the processing time of technical consultations. The Grunwald brand increasingly represents light, safe, technological products, so the course to increase the use of high-strength wear-resistant steels will only be strengthened.

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