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The first aluminium tipper semitrailer

The Grunwald company expands the range of solutions for bulk cargoes transportation. The first Grunwald aluminium tipper semitrailer was shown in Kaliningrad. The pioneer is equipped with a body volume of 27 cubic meters, after that will follow with a body volume of 30 and 40 cubic meters. Representatives of Grunwald key customers have acquainted with the potential of the new model.
In the near future, the competitive advantage will get those carriers who have a modern fleet of vehicles designed to meet the main trend of our time: "reducing weight – improving efficiency." Industry experts predict an increase in demand for semitrailers of the latest generations with the most modern design.
Aluminum tipper semitrailer Grunwald is a further development of the concept of light class semitrailer. Total weight of semitrailer without spare wheel is only 5.6 t. The combination of low weight with high load capacity provides a unique opportunity to achieve high profitability. Low own weight allows the transport of a sufficient amount of inert building materials without disrupting existing weight restrictions, the volume of the body allows for efficient transport and different agricultural goods.
High-quality body is made of hollow aluminum profile, not subject to corrosion. To reduce the likelihood of cargo sticking, the front wall of the body is inclined at an angle of 20 degrees, two longitudinal stiffeners inside the body are also located at an angle of 45 degrees. On top of the body is equipped with two crossbars, tightening the sides. At the first stage, aluminium bodies will be supplied from Belgium from the project partner – STAS, which has been producing semitrailers at the highest technological level for many years. Many innovations made by Belgian experts have become the norm for semitrailer producers all over the world. Robotic systems will be used to weld all aluminium bodies for Grunwald. Later this year will be implemented the second phase with the localization of the body welding on the capacity of the Grunwald plant.
The semitrailer frame is manufactured using high-strength steel and is mass-optimized. Axial units BPW ALO in heavy duty design HD with drum brakes. On the semitrailer, a special valve is installed, which regulates the opening height of the hydraulic cylinder and thus determines the angle of lift of the body. It is important for unloading on the elevators and points with a height restriction. Various options are offered to order, from a spotted luke to automatic lowering of the air suspension, which further expand the possibilities of application and reduce time losses.
Grunwald Sales department is ready to receive orders for the new model. The Company offers all its clients a new form of dialogue in the format of a live presentation, including a visit to the plant and face-to-face acquaintance with new products. Grunwald experts will be happy to provide comprehensive advice.

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