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The development of Grunwald Client Services

Grunwald managers continue to develop the client services of the Company. The status of one of the industry leaders commits to offer customers the service of premium class. In the beginning of 2018 highly equipped service station of the Grunwald Company will appear in industrial park "Sheremetyevo" on the area of 1 000 sq. m. In the same place Companies’ Commercial Department will open Central sales office on the area of 400 sq. m.

The service station will provide warranty and post-warranty service, repair of all types of Grunwald semitrailers and install special superstructures for the truck chassis. The repair shop has 9 service gates, equipped with five bridge cranes and two inspection pits. Welding equipment and special tools will allow to perform a wide range of repairs. This will give the customers the ability to optimally adjust the maintenance schedule and to get assistance in time. Under one roof with customer service the new station will unite the parts warehouse which will become a transit point for the shipment of components to customers from the farthest parts of Russian Federation.
The launch of the project of the modern service complex will make it possible for Grunwald clients completely focus on getting profits without worrying about maintenance of their semitrailers.

Industrial park "Sheremetyevo" was founded in the Moscow region in 1994, this is one of the largest industrial parks focused on the transport and engineering sector. Industrial park has unique transport accessibility: close location to the Moscow with convenient access; proximity of several Federal highways and exit on Leningradskoe and Dmitrovskoe highway, exit of the new highway Moscow – St.-Petersburg; in the vicinity of the airport "Sheremetyevo" and terminal " Sheremetyevo Cargo". Industrial park offers a convenient parking area and outdoor storage area.
Now the official representative s of many well-known companies are located in this industrial park, such like Caterpillar, Toyota Motor Corporation, Cummins Inc., Ferronordic Machines, Fayat Bomag Rus, Solar Turbines, Sir Meccanica, etc.

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