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Russian refrigerators in cooperation of the Avtofurgon and the Grunwald Companies

In 2016, the Russian vehicle producers — the Avtofurgon and the Grunwald Companies have signed an agreement on joint production of refrigerator semitrailers of the newest generation. Cooperation of well-known Russian manufacturers is not just a commercial partnership, but an important step on the path to change the situation on the Russian transport market.

This segment of the transport market is characterized by high quantitative indicators, its volume is estimated at 22-25% of the total market volume and regularity of demand even amid the crisis. The segment of refrigerator semitrailers suffered the least during the recession in Russian economic of 2014.
In the same 2014 the state policy of import substitution was declared. A new edition of the State program №320 ‘The development of industry and increasing its competitiveness’ was adopted. A number of vacated niches for business were provided.
The launch of a joint project of the Russian vehicle producers confirmed their readiness to compete in the high-tech segment of the transportation market — refrigerator semitrailers. In this segment, the strong market positions are occupied by foreign companies, not seeking to localize production in Russia. Among the imported semitrailers 35 - 40% are refrigerators. The current level of quality of the Russian producers allows building competitive semitrailers and flexibly responding the market demands.

The debut of the first ready-made semitrailer of the new generation took place in 2016 and has turned out more than convincing. Major Russian transport companies have placed pilot orders for manufacturing of 100 semitrailers. Practical operation of these semitrailers in different climatic and road conditions from cities of Central Russia to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the far East, confirmed high product quality and consumer properties of the new model. In the competition with foreign brands, who keep leading sales positions, the Russian model has sufficient benefits: robust frame design, high variability of performance, the optimal production time and an attractive final cost. New project characterizes the usage of modern light and strong materials, and the chassis of the new generation, developed by the Grunwald Design Bureau. The production is carried out at a high technological level, including durable hardware, cooling units from leading manufacturers, the ability to download up to 2 levels of product, forced ventilation of the body, etc.

Interest to the new semitrailer has showed the largest Russian retail company – X5 Retail Group. Under the new contract, one of the leaders of Russian food retail will get 60 new refrigerator semitrailers. Production of this batch is already underway in partnership of the Avtofurgon and the Grunwald Companies.

The power of both plants and potential of excellently trained workers make it possible to meet a large part of Russian domestic demand. Russian producers intend in the near future to increase its presence on the Russian roads.

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