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Results of 2017

The main thing that has changed in the 2017 is the main trend in the Russian macroeconomic situation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Regression and stagnation gave way to a strengthening course for recovery. The transport sector, along with construction and the manufacturing industry, have become the main drivers of growth. Sales of new trailers and semi-trailers for the year rose by more than 70%, and the volume of the domestic market has increased to 22 000 units.

Foundations laid in the previous period, allowed Grunwald Company to grow faster than market does. The production and sale of Grunwald vehicles had demonstrated an intensive growth of 100%. The advanced industrial equipment including a new paint line, shot blasting chamber and welding equipment was delivered and put into operation. Over  40 milion rubles were invested in new equipment. The area of the production process increased from 4 500 sq.m. up to 9 200 sq.m. The number of employees has increased by 58%.

The corporate management system has demonstrated a clear understanding of the problems and tasks of the industry, which was noted at the state level. Heads of Grunwald Company were invited as experts to work in the relevant committees of the Russian State. The Сompany has acted as a participant of the Ministry of Industry and Trade program for concessional financing of leasing of road-building and municipal engineering.

The result of the work of the Grunwald design bureau was the development of new models and the expansion of the list of additional options. Four new models for modern weight control conditions were launched into production. The project of a new chassis was developed from scratch and together with the Avtofurgon company the production of refrigerated semitrailers was started.

The Company became a resident of the Moscow "Sheremetyevo" Technopark. A modern service station with operational warehouse and new central sales office will open in 2018.

The year has ended with the most striking event —a start of a largescale cooperation of the Grunwald Company with the major global automakers. Grunwald engineers have developed a new tipper superstructure project for the Russian market with different of body volume versions from 16 to 22 cubic meters. It is expected that in 2018 the serial installation of Grunwald superstructures on the Volvo, MAN and Scania chassis will start.

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