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New MICHELIN on the Grunwald container semitrailers.

From September 2017, Grunwald container semitrailers will be equipped with MICHELIN tires of new generation. Grunwald clients will be the first in the Russian market, who can test  MICHELIN X® Multi™ T2 in the dimension 385/55 R 22.5.
The Michelin Company launches this new high-tech product in the year of its 110-year presence in Russia. And it is 10 years of Grunwald and Michelin partnership, which contributes to the efficient solution of operational tasks of clients.

New MICHELIN X® Multi™ T2 tires in the dimension 385/55 R 22.5 for semitrailers are designed for cost reduction of regional and interregional carriers. Its resource is 20% more than the previous model.
Designed for all types of federal and regional roads MICHELIN X Multi™ T2 tyre is made of a new generation of rubber compounds. The tread pattern incorporates a new technology REGENION and CARBION.
The first technology makes the tread more closed and rigid that optimizes the contact patch with the road surface and reduces wear, prolonging the service life of the tyre. Tread design REGENION is self-renewing tread pattern. Molds for REGENION manufacturing produced by the innovative technology of 3D printing. Thus, with abrasion of tires hidden slats appears that provides a high level of grip in all weather conditions. CARBION is a material obtained by innovative process of mixing, in which certain components of the protector are mixed in the liquid state to obtain a more homogeneous mixture. It increases the service life of the tyre and improves rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
In the future MICHELIN X® Multi™ T2 tyre can be recovered using the MICHELIN Retread technology. This solution allows to save resources through the reuse of the frame, and the production of retreaded tires require less raw materials than to produce new.

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