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New extendable container semitrailer

Grunwald Company presents a brand new lowbed container semitrailer with a telescopic mechanism. Mobility and maneuverability are at the forefront, while the model has retained high versatility. The semitrailer is designed to carry a 20-foot container in the normal mode or 30, 40 and a pair of 20-foot containers in the extended state.
The uniqueness of the development is emphasized by the circumstances of its creation. A regular Grunwald customer - a transport company from the Far East of Russia, which operates a large fleet of Grunwald equipment, faced a specific problem in the delivery of 20 Ft containers from the port terminal to the destination. Many recipients of small containers do not have enough space on their sites for long roadtrains safely maneuver.
The client actually initiated the emergence of a new model. Such close interaction with the operating organization is entirely in the interests of the producer. Transport industry is in constant development, and the Grunwald company aimed at providing the most progressive means of delivery.
The main transformation touched the rear, where was made a sliding mechanism that moves the rear fitting beam and bumper. At the same time, a number of basic advantages are preserved: high versatility, simplicity and reliability of the design.
Telescoping is carried out mechanically, using the rotation lever. The positions are fixed by the stop. Everything is thought out for ease of operation, the order of action is guessed at first glance and does not require super efforts. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.
The overall length of the semitrailer in the base position is 11 106 mm, in the extended state - 12 700 mm. Tare weight does not exceed 5 800 kg. Three SAF Intradisc axles with disc brakes are installed on the semitrailer. Front axle with lifting mechanism. The semitrailer has two positions of the pin and a working platform at the rear of the frame.
The model has already passed field tests in the customer's site. Now a batch of 20 extendable container semitrailers is ready to be sent to the Far East of Russia.

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