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Launch of the second production complex

Grunwald managers are taking effective steps for the development of the tipper superstructures manufacturing. The company issued a deal of acquisition of a subsidiary of the Swedish Balticum Frinab AB company. The machine-building production, located in Neman Kaliningrad region, previously supplied products to the Scandinavian market. The acquired industrial complex has already been reorganized according to Grunwald standards and put into operation.
New complex will specialize in the full technological cycle of production of tipper superstructures of two types – "box-type" and "half-pipe". Operations will be performed in a closed cycle. To date, the first 30 sets of superstructures have been released. Technical acceptance of products is carried out by the technical control service of the main enterprise.
The area of the new production complex is 3 500 sq. m. Fifty specialists work at the production site, with a tendency to expand the staff to 30% for six months. Industrial capacity of the complex consists of 16 welding stations, shot blasting chamber, two painting chambers and machines for metalworking. Together with Grunwald engineers, a complete set of conductors and a rotary device for the assembly of tipper bodies were designed and installed. The rotary device allows safely and quickly rotates the body to 90 degrees to weld the necessary welds. It is planned that the second industrial complex Grunwald will have separate technical and design departments and will be able to work offline. When the complex reaches full capacity, the entire program of the Grunwald tipper superstructures will be executed in the Neman complex.

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