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Hyundai and Avtotor business delegation

A joint delegation of the Korean concern Hyundai and the Russian automaker Avtotor visited the Grunwald plant on a business visit. The delegation includes Vice-President of the division of Hyundai trucks, the management of the Autotor company in the direction of cargo and light-duty vehicles and specialists of the Avtotor technology department, responsible for the painting technology.
The history of cooperation between the two manufacturers Grunwald and Avtotor dates back to 2014, when the first Grunwald tipper superstructure was installed on the truck chassis assembled in Kaliningrad. Both companies have gained a positive experience of cooperation.
At the current moment, the Avtotor plant is implementing a step-by-step program of localization under the project of commercial Hyundai vehicles. According to the forecast, localization will reduce the cost of finished products and promote the implementation of international standards of responsible business.
Delegates were interested in production process of the Grunwald plant.  The scale of the production complex and its potential made a positive impression. The representatives stressed the technological effectiveness of the production site and highly appreciated the level of quality control of the products. Upon completion of the inspection, the parties held a meeting on further cooperation in the field of identification and development of new directions for production.
The format of business delegations confirms its high productivity. It not only allows to objectively assess the capabilities of partners, but also lays a solid foundation for the further formation of prospects for cooperation.

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