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Development of superstucture production

The Grunwald plant intends to launch a mass production of truck bodies in the nearest future, including all mounting operations on the chassis. The launch of a new product will allow to diversify production and ensure further sustainable development of the Company. The opportunity of possible cooperation is being discussed with the leading European truck manufacturers. The contract for the supply of superstructures will be a fundamental step, which will put Grunwald Company on the same level with the largest manufacturers of the transport industry.
The Company has prepared the premiere of the new tipper body, which will be presented to potential customers in the nearest future. The project reflects the advanced trends in tipper superstructures - a common rectangular silhouette with a radial bend of the side walls, a modern design of the subframe, mudguards, service ladder. These solutions repeatedly increase the safety of work and unloading of a sticking cargo, such as wet sand. The material of the new tipper body is the hard-wearing Swedish steel Hardox. The new body includes an exhaust gas preheating system which is still in high demand on the Russian market.
On the eve of the launch of this great superstructure project, Grunwald is implementing a number of unusual engineering projects. In the interests of the long-time Grunwald partner, a large carrier of construction cargo, the plant has replaced the exhausted tipper body at MAN 8x4 truck. For the first time in its history, Grunwald has installed the body on a chassis with mileage.
New tipper body is made using the "Half-Pipe" technology. This proven European technology has repeatedly confirmed its high reliability and safety in operation. The body is also made of Hardox steel. After the dismantling of the old body a new subframe with new mudguards were installed. Also was installed a new hydraulic system responsible for lifting of the body. The color of the superstructure is a bright orange that emits a car both on the construction site and in the city stream. Evaluating the result of the upgrade of one truck, the customer ordered a similar update of another MAN truck of the same model from his fleet.

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