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Container semitrailers for Haesaerts Intermodal

Every year, the number of large foreign companies that want to work in Russia is increasing. This year, Haesaerts Intermodal, which has been transporting gases and liquids for the chemical industry in tanks for more than 50 years, continues its development. The company has its own specialized equipment for intermodal transport and has a well-developed transport network throughout the European continent. Today, it is the leading carrier of MDI / TDI isocyanates and fluorine-containing gases, managing one of the most modern tanker fleets in Europe.

For Grunwald this year was full of useful negotiations and the search for common solutions. The engineers were tasked to make a semitrailer opening new opportunities for the carrier in the framework of the current legislation. After several months of development, calculations, the optimal variant of the container ship was achieved. The companies signed a contract for the production of the first batch of exclusive four-axle container carriers for the transport of tank containers. In the development of a container ship, a lot of advanced technical solutions have been applied, successfully proven on the technique of our foreign partners. To increase the maneuverability of the road train, the semitrailer is equipped with a rear swing axle.

The resulting semitrailer is unique for the Russian market of semitrailer machinery. The first two units from the party are ready, have passed all the inspections at the plant and are waiting for the customer to inspect, after which they will go to the Tula region for test tests. In the future, it is assumed that the client's fleet will be constantly replenished by an average of 30 units per year.

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