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Container semitrailers for complex tasks

The Russian transport industry is rapidly changing, adapting to the new "rules of the game" dictated by state initiatives. Revolutionary innovations have replaced the conservativeness, which reigned in the industry for decades. Changes in the transportation economy have generated demand for fundamentally new machinery, the need for which will only grow. Now the speed of reaction is driving the fate of producers, the ability to offer advanced technical solutions and quickly implement them is a feature of flexible and technologically strong companies.
The constant task of Grunwald engineers is to find solutions that open new opportunities for carriers without breaking the law. The tipper and curtain Grunwald models were subjected to timely revision. The tare weight was reduced, the distribution of loads was improved and the payload was increased - it made possible to create a competitive advantage for Grunwald customers.
It's time to perfect the models of container semitrailer. Models of 3-axle container semitrailers have obvious functional limitations and are not able to transport containers with a gross mass more than 25,000 kg legally. But the number of such containers in the total mass does not exceed 50%. The rest are heavy HQ containers, containers with different liners or filled with big-bags, heavy refrigerator -containers and tank-containers. To solve this transport problem, the Grunwald designers chose a 4-axis pneumatic unit scheme, balancing the distribution of weight loads by the distance between the axles. Practice confirms - the future of container transportation for road trains consisting of a two-axle tractor and a four-axle semitrailer, the cost of which is much lower, than the cost of road-train from a three-axle tractor and a three-axle semitrailer.
The technical solution is realized in the new project of low-bed container semitrailer. It allows transporting a container with gross weight of 29 000 kg and uniform loading. The optimum scheme of weighting was achieved - without exceeding the load on the rear axle of the tractor and the pressure on the roadway by the axle unit of the semitrailer. The layout scheme with the front lifting axle and the rear self-aligning axle is applied. The mechanical course of the suspension has been increased to exclude the possibility of bending the frame when overcoming railway crossings and uneven road surfaces. The semitrailer will be able to operate with a wide range of containers - from 20Ft to 40 Ft HQ with a groove in the front part of the base.
A pilot batch of 10 units for a large regional intermodal carrier has already been put into production.

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