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A joint project of Grunwald and Novick Logistik Companies

The Grunwald Company and Novik Logistic transport company implemented a joint project – the container semitrailer to operate in conditions of strict weight control.
In recent years Russian government pursues a policy of regulation the situation in the transport field of the economy. Significant funds are annually invested in maintenance, repairs and development of road network. But thousands of roadtrains are making their rides with an overload of up to 30% by weight of the cargo. Due to the extreme weight loads of the roadway inevitably collapses. To preserve the roads control over weight of roadtrains is increasing. In addition to the mobile posts of weight control on Federal roads starts the installation of the automatic frames of weight and dimensional control. It is planned to install about 200 of such automatic frames.
The Novik Logistic company is the largest carrier in the Kaliningrad region, specializing on the shipping of containers to the final recipients. Company experts confirms that more than 70% of the 9 000 containers coming into the region are heavy containers weighing up to 29 tons. The leadership of the Novik Logistik decided to prepare in advance their fleet of vehicles for the work in accordance with the rules of the weight control.
The Grunwald Company for 2 months has developed a fundamentally new model of container semitrailer appropriately with the requirements. This is the most versatile semitrailer, capable to carry almost all types of standard containers with a gross mass up to 30 tons.
New model has 4 spaced axles with the front lifting axle and the rear rotary axis. The semitrailer is characterized by new design of the spars with the increased suspension travel.
The Company already has delivered a batch of 10 semitrailers. The presentation of the new model was attended by representatives of authorities, transport companies, the ports of Kaliningrad region.
The value of this project cannot be overstated. First, it is the qualitative development of the Russian transport industry, where the proceeds from orders are invested in the development of a competitive and marketable product. And secondly, it is the rise of social responsibilities of transport  businesses. Operation of new modern trucks and semitrailers increases the level of road safety and extends the service life of the roadway.

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