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5000th semitrailer is released

Since 2007, over 5,000 semitrailers were sold under the Grunwald brand. The important milestone has been overcome and a new chapter in the company's history has started.

In fact, the quantity of vehicles supplied by the plant is even higher and includes serially produced chassis for refrigerated semitrailers and the contract production of trailers for the European market.
During this time the Company has earned an impeccable reputation. Constant work on introduction of advanced technological and constructive solutions allowed developing Company’s services and production throughout all these years. Grunwald team rightly celebrates the success of the brand.

It is symbolic that the 5000th semitrailer is a light series tipper semitrailer, designed to work on the standards of weight control. It is one of the most relevant proposals for the market.
There comes a time when even the anniversary semitrailer should be transferred to the lucky owner. It is known that he will work in the native Kaliningrad region. He will take part in the largest regional construction projects, and his image will take its rightful place in the Grunwald success gallery.

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