Sale of dump semitrailers, tilt truck semitrailers and container semitrailers

Grunwald Company manufactures line-haul and dump semitrailers according to European standards taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian roads. The products are attractive for the companies of transport, construction and other industries.

Nowadays the sale of sided, truck semitrailers, dump semitrailers, tilt semitrailers, container semitrailers is of current interest: the volume of freight traffic in the Russian market constantly increases. We offer machinery suitable for use in conditions of our country, reliable and long-life, as well as relatively inexpensive.

Our main line of business is the sale of new semitrailers. Dump semitrailer has high carrying capacity, moreover it is easier-to-use than the standard dump truck. Tilt semitrailer and valve semitrailer are easy-to-use for goods handling due to design features. All the truck semitrailers that we sale have certificates of quality.

If you seek for faithful and responsible manufacturers of semitrailers, you have come to the right shop. Our company has quite affordable prices for new semitrailers. It takes only to contact our managers to learn the exact price of a semitrailer.

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Tank-container semitrailer for 20 Ft and 30 Ft tanks
06 february 2017г.
Tank-container semitrailer for 20 Ft and 30 Ft tanks

First batch is already arrived to the customer

Model of the 20Ft container semitrailer
17 january 2017г.
Model of the 20Ft container semitrailer

Grunwald Company expands the lineup of container semitrailers